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2006 February 28:
A number of Icelandic farms where furred animals are breed decreased considerably in last years. However the breeders who remained developing these farms prosper well now. The price of leathers from furred animals is now unusually high and many breeders decided to increase their own stocks. What is more, the price of fodders for these animals cheapened recently.

2006 February 27:
Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, a former president of Iceland, is the most important person between living Icelanders. It comes from a survey conducted in Fréttablaðið. Mrs. Vigdís obtained 29% votes. On the second place is Davíð Oddsson, a president of Seðlabanki and a former Prime Minister on whom 13% of readers voted. The third place went to Björk, fourth - to the footballer, Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen and the fifth - to the president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

2006 February 26:
Yoko Ono came to Reykjavík again to promote the ideas of her own artistic project: "Peace column". It will be about 12 metre high column full of wishes from the Wishes Tree, the earlier Yoko’s artistic installation. The obelisk will be transparent and luminous with bright light in all directions. Most likely the obelisk will stand on Víðey island.

2006 February 25:
Gunnar I. Birgisson, the mayor of Kópavogur has dug in a symbolical first spade under the future construction of 20-storeyed office building in the south-west part of Smáratorg in Kópavogur. This building will be the highest one on Iceland. It will be 78 metres high. For a comparison: the cathedral Hallgrímskirkja, preeminent over Reykjavík, has 74 metres.

2006 February 24:
Food & Fun Festival is officially open. It takes place for the fifth time in Reykjavík and it is an opportunity to presenting the quality of Icelandic food products. The minister of the agriculture, Guðni Ágústsson and the CEO of Icelandair, Jón Karl Helgason opened the event yesterday. Many guests and foreign cooks taking a part in the festival were welcomed. All participants tried a specially prepared two metres long cheese cake. 50 foreign journalists came to Iceland on the occasion of Food & Fun Festival.

2006 February 23:
Young man armed with a knife broke into the pharmacy at Smiðjuvegur in Kópavogur yesterday during a lunch break. He demanded giving to him medicines. Frightened workers of the pharmacy permitted him to take what he wanted. It is not known exactly what medicines he took and in what quantities. The burglar ran out from the pharmacy and the police from Kópavogur is searching him.

2006 February 22:
From the last week numerous seismic tremors at Kistufell on the glacier Vatnajökull take place. In two last years enlarged seismic activity in this region is noted. Kistufell lies northeast from Bárðarbunga within a volcanic zone passing through Iceland. Bárðarbunga is an active volcano laying near Grímsvötn - one of the most active volcanoes on Iceland and Gjálp which exploded in 1996.

2006 February 21:
Buses of the city communication in Reykjavík transport increasing number of passengers. Strætó bs. served in January 779 233 persons, 6,9% more than in corresponding month in 2005. Passengers more and more often use subscription tickets. In Strætó works 360 persons and their 15 buses travels in sum 9 300 000 km a year. They service includes courses between seven communes of the capital region and the line Reykjavík - Akranes.

2006 February 20:
Last weekend domed golf course has been opened in Húsavík. Now, this is at the farthest north situated object of this type on the world. The course has the area of 170 m² and it is situated on the first floor of the Whale Center building. The object will be open only in winter when it is not possible to use open golf courses.

2006 February 19:
In nearest years Vatnajökull National Park will be created. It will be the biggest national park in Europe. The Ministry of Environment (Umhverfisráðuneytið) is going to introduce the bill about the park this autumn and Alþingi will begin the debate about it. The area of the park will include grounds from Skaftafell in the south to Ásbyrgi in the north. Vatnajökull glacier, Askja, Herðubreið and Herðubreiðalindir will be found on the protected area.

2006 February 18:
The experiments were started to work out the method of production from the goat’s milk and also there is a new decision about refinance goats farming. Everything to safe the Icelandic goat from the extinction. Goats are farming on the 40 farms around the country. The biggest flock (80) is on the Háafell farm and milk is transported from there to the Búðardalur. In Búðardalur will be a new goat cheese factory.

2006 February 17:
The Icelandic Name Council has released its new decisions on what names parents may or may not give their children. In boys names, the committee approved Bill (which would be pronounced [bitl] in Icelandic) and Tóki while rejecting Mikhael. In girls names, Daley and Naranja were accepted, while Júdith, Apríl and Hnikarr were rejected.

2006 February 16:
About 20 British members of the environmental organization Saving Iceland held a protest in front of the Icelandic Embassy in London (2A Hans Street). Protestors held banners with slogans protesting the building of dams and aluminium smelters in Iceland. One of the banners had a picture of a reindeer being led to slaughter by an Alcoa worker.

2006 February 15:
Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв), former leader of the Soviet Union, will celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Reagan - Gorbachev Summit Meeting in Reykjavík this coming fall. On October 10th, Gorbachev will give a talk at the University Movie Theater, Háskólabíó. Ticket sales start in the next few weeks. He will discuss 21st century leadership, peace, the historical significance of and his memories from the Reykjavík Summit Meeting.

2006 February 14:
The proposed tunnel connecting the Westman Islands with mainland Iceland will in all likelihood be scrapped. The Ministry of Communications (Samgönguráðuneytið - Hafnarhúsinu við Tryggvagötu) believes the cost for such a project would be too high. Geological experts who researched for the project estimated that the tunnel could cost over 1 billion USD or even more, attributing much of the cost to the special attention that would be needed to build a tunnel through an area as seismological active as the Westman Islands.

2006 February 13:
Hundrads of people from all the world decided to learn Icelandic by the internet. There is the course placed on the University of Iceland pages and it was prepared at the cooperation with Sigurður Nordal Institute and with several foreign universities. The price is accessible for everyone and completely free. According to the information given by Háskóli Íslands many peolpe who began the course in the internet decided afterwards for the arrival to Iceland and for the further learning of Icelandic.

2006 February 12:
Icelandic Diaries Association (Osta- og smjörsalan sf.) withdrew from shops three kinds of cheese because of overflow the permissible content of bacterium. This are cheeses: Búri, Havarti and Krydd-Havarti. As yet nothing is known whether somebody got poisoned with these products. These cheeses will not be available on the market next days. On shop shelves there was 700 - 800 kilogrammes of these cheeses in question.

2006 February 11:
Minister of the Environment, Sigríður Anna Þórðardóttir, signed the decision about the considerable increase of protected territory round the Surtsey island. The wildlife reserve which from this time will have the area of 65,6 km², will contain also areas of all neighbouring eruptions (under-water volcanoes). The increase of the protected area is connected with the decision about applying for the UNESCO registry. Thanks to this protection, the islet and neighbouring places of the eruption will be developed naturally, without human disturbance. It is obligatory the prohibition of the entrance on the island and diving in this region. It is possible to fishing near Surtsey but without instruments which devastate ocean bed. The entrance on the island have only scientists in research purposes.

2006 February 10:
Samherja company which together with Síldarvinnslun possesses the most of participations on salmon farms on East Fiords, lent fishery farms from the Vestlax firm on Faroe Islands and intends to transfer there their own salmon farms. First, Samherja is going to transport there about 500 000 of fry from which it is possible to receive 2000 tone of the salmon meat.

2006 February 09:
W the average Icelandic household earns in sum about 340000 ISK monthly. Even 94% of the income is spent on consumer spending. Such results published the Icelandic Statistical Office (Hagstofa Íslands) in the latest report on households. The average expenses in a household grown up by 9, 3% since 2001 - 2003. The average size of the Icelandic household decreased from 2,62 persons in past years to 2,58 persons at present. The research was conducted in 2002 - 2004 on 1888 households.

2006 February 08:
Icelandic daily newspaper DV has reprinted six of the twelve controversial Mohammed caricatures. They were first publicized in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on the 30th of September last year. According to DV editor Björgvin Guðmundsson the Icelandic paper has not received any of the threats that many of their European counterparts were subjected to.

2006 February 07:
Iceland’s first lady, Dorrit Moussaieff, grew faint and fell down during the gala occasion of distribution of Icelandic literary Prizes Thursday. She was at once taken to the hospital and given an examination. Medical recognition showed no harms however doctors analysed in detail her condition all weekend to determine the reason of the faintness.

2006 February 06:
Hundreds of Reykjavík inhabitants went today to Perlan for information about summer homes in Spain. Icelanders dream already about the sun and a summer so in Perlan was so large attendance of visitors watching presentations of real estate offices which are involved in construction of summer homes in Spain. Icelanders have bought many cottages in Costa Blanca in the south Spain. There are owners of about 1200 immovables.

2006 February 05:
Strætó management presented two buses with methane drive. According to Strætó, methane extracted in Álfsnes region is 30% cheaper than benzine. Near the future Strætó is going to transform more vehicles driven at present with benzine on driven with methane.

2006 February 04:
According to latest research realized by Gallup Institut, the most of Icelanders is opposite to the project of the new dam - Norðlingaölduveita in the North Iceland. This dam is going to be rised near Hofsjökull glacier where live many birds species and it will deliver the energy to the new future hydroelectric power station. Generally, against this project is 65% of Icelanders.

2006 February 03:
According to The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the majority of Icelanders (86%) did not buy any meat from whales in 2005. 7, 6% Icelanders bought such meat only once, 3,9% - twice and 2, 5% - above twice. The public pool showed also that the most of Icelanders claim the market on the whale meat is not large and only 22% claims the market is pretty big.

2006 February 02:
"The Last Farm" film in the direction of Rúnar Rúnarsson and Þór Sigurjónsson is nominated for Oscar prize. The film, nominated in “The Short Film” category, tells history of the old farmer comes under great preassure to move to the city to the farm. It is the second nomination in history of Icelandic cinematography. In 1992 film "Börn náttúrunnar" by Friðrik Þór Friðrikson obtained nomination in the category “The Best Foreign Language Film”.

2006 February 01:
Árborg community and Hveragerði authorities hold talks with Strætó about the possibility of bus courses between Reykjavík and Selfoss near Hveragerði. About 10% inhabitants of Árborg works in Reykjavík. Many people from the capital in turn works in Árborg. In Árborg lives 7000 persons and in Hveragerði – 2000 so the traffic on Hellisheiði route is big. At least 1000 persons travels that way every day to the work and schools. Strætó buses would be very helpful on this rout.

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