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2005 October 31:
The only video rental and shop in Hólmavík and probably in all region of Strandir, Vídeóleiga Alfreðs og Jóa, will be wind up this autumn. It means that inhabitants of this distant peninsula of West Fiords will have to cover the longer way for cassettes and DVDs. Last year the increase in demand on DVDs in this region was observed but it is still no sure whether somebody will establish a new video rental soon.

2005 October 30:
Te Police from Selfoss kept two persons hunting illegally on ptarmigans in Þingvellir National Park. Men shoot 4 birds. Policemen took out dead birds and the weapons from hunters. Men were punished a mandate because hunting in national parks is forbidden.

2005 October 29:
A substance in the envelope which was sent to Iceland from abroad this month, came out to be a cocaine. All evidences indicate that the most drugs which appear on Iceland recently was sent just by post. The Reykjavík Police try to explain whether drugs were earlier mailed also to the same person and if so, how often it was and in what quantities. 19 October the man and the woman were arrested. They are involved in the matter. The woman is an employee of the capital post.

2005 October 28:
Five refineries of sewage in Fellabær, Hallomsstaður and Egilsstaðir were situated at all outlets of channels to the river Eyvindará. Refineries will be made available when sewage will be so pure that the water from the river will be potableness. Refineries were built by firms Bólholt which already signed contracts on making similar projects in different places in the country, among other in the capital.

2005 October 27:
Sex divers from the Icelandic Coastguard worked yesterday in the Reykjavík port on the release of a fishing net from the screw of the ship Hákon EA-148. The day earlier the ship was fishing herrings in Jökuldjúp on the northwest from Snæfellsjökull. When the fishing net screwed the crew asked emergency service for help. The Coastguard's ship - Ægir sailed to this place and towed Hákon to the port yesterday morning.

2005 October 26:
Inhabitants of Ólafsfjörður received the possibility of choosing the name for the elementary school which came into existence after the connection of two other schools. New school began to work at the beginning this autumn. Inhabitants can choose from among eight names and they are: Fjarðarskóli, Flæðaskóli, Grunnskóli Ólafsfjarðar, Grunnskólinn Ólafsfirði, Hornaskóli, Múlaskóli, Tjarnarskóli and Tröllaskóli.

2005 October 25:
Hitherto on the way among Súðavík and Hólmavík (that is to say on the distance 200 kilometers) there was almost no range of GSM. Right away is a very considerable improvement of the telecomunication because the past weekend Síminn put the new transmitter in Bæir on Snæfjallaströnd, in the middle of Northern bank of the gulf Ísafjarðardjúp.

2005 October 24:
Veröld Publishers and the Spanish publishing company Santillana concluded the contract about the publishing the book "Þriðja táknið" (Third Sign) by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir in 18 Spanish-speaking countries. The publishers from Frankfurt plans to publish this book in 8 different languages and to sell it in at least 12 countries. "Þriðja táknið" is a criminal novel and the first Yrsa's novel for adult. The book will appear at the beginning of November.

2005 October 23:
The value of fish catch in all fisheries by Icelandic ships from January to July this year amounts 41,8 billions ISK. Last year in this period tone fish catch was 41, 7 billions ISK. Thus the value of fishing grown up between years 2004 and 2005 by 100 millions ISK.

2005 October 22:
A new, upgraded 500 króna banknote will be issued today, Monday, October 17, 2005. The new banknote is essentially the same as its predecessor but incorporates a number of modifications for improved security. It is easier to recognise and more difficult to counterfeit. The version that it replaces will remain legal tender but gradually be withdrawn from circulation. Modifications to the banknote's appearance involve replacement of the white margin on the earlier notes with all-over lithographic printing, and the addition of one visible security feature: a multicoloured metallic security thread. The new note incorporates a watermarked "cornerstone" which makes the corners stiffer and less likely to become folded. A fluorescent print has been added to the design, visible only in ultraviolet light. Further security features incorporated into the note can only be detected electronically. Just over 1.8 million of the earlier notes are presently in circulation.

2005 October 21:
The ship of the Icelandic Coastguard - Týr will sail next year to Poland where it will be modernized, such as Ægir - the second from defensive ships. Ægir came back last month to Iceland after the half-year repair. Now, even "at a guess" ships differ from each other clearly in the appearance. Many changes were made in Ægir. The entire cost of the modernization of Ægir is 131,1 millions ISK.

2005 October 20:
According to the latest report of Amnesty International, Iceland is the least corrupt country among 159 nations. Iceland scored 9.7 points followed by Finland (9.6), New Zealand (9.6), Denmark (9.5), and Singapore (9.4). Bangladesh (1.7) and Chad (1.7) ranked lowest. More than two-thirds of the nations surveyed scored less than 5 indicating serious levels of corruption. Transparency International emphasizes that the more poor country is the bigger problem of corruption arises there.

2005 October 19:
Iceland suffers from the lack of teachers of the preschool education. For example, in sixteen preschools in Kópavogur about 20 teachers are lacking. The City Council which manages these kindergartens decided to close some of them because the lack of the personnel. Parents have to leave children at home or have to find the supplementary care for time of work.

2005 October 18:
The day before yesterday the fire brigade and inhabitants pumped out water from buildings and streets in Höfn in Hornafjörður. On Saturday large rain fall took place in this region. Water got to 15 houses in town, and her level reached 1 meter in high. People from Höfn began to move on the streets... by boats.

2005 October 17:
Gilles Elkaim, the well-known Arctic explorer and traveller, visits Iceland within the invitation of Alliance Francaises. Today, the discussion on his film will take place with the participation of Gilles Elkaim. He will also present his new book. The presentation will take place at the university in the new building of Natural Science (the room 132) at 5:15 pm. The entrance is free.

2005 October 16:
The sandwich company Sóma is considering buying another sandwich company, Júmbó. If this happens, the new company will have 95% of Iceland´s sandwich market. This will not draw the attention of anti-trust authorities, as the new sandwich company will only be worth about 700 million ISK (a little over 11 million USD). By Icelandic law, monopolies are only illegal when the company is worth at least one billion ISK.

2005 October 15:
The richest Icelandic salmon river of last summer is Eystri Rangá. Anglers register the quantity of caught fish in each rivers. In the angling book of the river Eystri Rangá we can found 4190 items, corresponding to such amount of salmons and this is the record of Iceland. The preceding best result (also set this summer) is 4151 salmons caught in Þverá/Kjarrá.

2005 October 14:
At the end of last month, the price of 45 sorts of cigarettes have bee changed. According to the page of ÁTVR, the most sorts rose in price about 1-2% and some cheapened only by one crown. The rise are due to the higher prices of cigarettes at tradesmen.

2005 October 13:
Grafarþögn, criminal novel by Arnaldur Indriðason has been nominated to the prize British CWA Gold and Silver dagger Awards - one of the most important prizes for criminal novels. Grafarþögn is on 20-th place on the Swedish list of best sellers. Books by Arnaldur were on lists of bestsellers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France and Iceland. They are sold in 26 countries.

2005 October 12:
Minister of Communication, Sturla Böðvarsson, inaugurated the activity of the deepest port on Iceland. This is the new port in Reyðarfjörður, built on needs of the aluminium smelter. It's depth is 14,5 m and the width is 380 m. Just before his official opening, the large ship sailed to this port. It did not go well. The ship struck in the foot-bridge and damaged itself a little.

2005 October 11:
Last week was exceptionally unprofitable for producers of shrimps on Iceland. The firm Strýta from Akureyri and Íshaf from Húsavík had to discharge the part of employees and the firm Sigurður Ágústsson ehf. announced that is going to finish the production of shrimps to the end of this year. In sum, all three firms had to discharge about 80 workers. All possible circumstances "conspired" against producers of shrimps. Very poor halves, considerably higher prices of the fuel to ships and uniquely small interest on shrimps this year cause that this branch of the fishery becomes unprofitable.

2005 October 10:
Though golf season is approaching to the end on Iceland, lovers of this sport did not abandon their clubs and autumn "golf packages" to places outside Iceland are almost completely sold out in travel agencies. Golfers in all age groups, but mainly between 35 and 75, are going to go for the game to Portugal, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia and the most popular country is Spain. Icelandic golfers began to shorten their own summer holidays (usually 6 week long) for about 1-2 weeks that to be able to take free time and to play into their favourite game abroad in spring or in autumn.

2005 October 09:
45 millions ISK from the state budget have been intended on the research of minks living on Iceland. Two years programme of the extermination of these animals was proposed. During this time the hunting on mink would be permissible on three areas in the country and would be explored to answer the question whether or not the possibility of elimination of the population of mink from Iceland is. According to the proposal it is intended also 5,5 millions ISK on fox hunting for 4 years. Both foxes and minks are considered especially dangerous for Icelandic breeders of sheep.

2005 October 08:
Jóhann Ársællson, MP from Alliance Party claims that Iceland should introduce a new currency except the Icelandic króna and it should be Euro. It is the right time to open the Icelandic market on Europe wider. The Alliance Party intends to present the project of the introduction Euro as the new Icelandic currency in Alþingi.

2005 October 07:
The Icelandic Farmers Association submitted the request to the department of environment to forbid hunting on rabbits on Vestmannaeyjar. According to Association representatives, rabbits are a live stock, and also people’s pupils and are protected. On April hunting started to be permitted because inhabitants was complaining to the minister of environment that rabbits destroyed nests of wild birds, especially puffins. The department did not undertake the decision, whether the permission on hunting become cancelled or not.

2005 October 06:
Last September was cooler than usually, nevertheless, that the first part of September was in average. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office the average temperature of last September in Reykjavík was 6,3°C. It is 1,1 degree less than the average temperature of this month is. The minimum record was noted in the capital on September the 25th: -3, 4°C. Since 1974 such low temperature has not appeared on September.

2005 October 05:
The biggest plane of the world, Antonov 225, landed the last night on Keflavík airfield. The plane was in the way from Greece to U.S.A. and transported gigantic devices to current production which have to be used on the place of the disaster in south United States. The plane is 84 in length and 88,5 m in wingspread. Antonov 225 possesses 6 engines and the load capacity of 650 tones.

2005 October 04:
International exhibition of dogs organized by the Icelandic Cynological Association took place on October the 1st and 2nd in Fáks hall in Víðidalur. About 600 dogs, representing 62 races participated in the competition. On Saturday two dogs professionally working for the people in rescue- brigades were honoured. On Sunday the champion of the exhibition was choosen. It is Irish setter, Ardbaccan Hallmark, born 20.02.2002. Interested, whether this date helped to him in the conquest of the prize?:) Owners of the medallist are: Jóna Viðarsdóttir and Magnús Jónatansson.

2005 October 03:
On October the 1st (Saturday), Icelandic parliamentarians finished their long holidays and came back to the work. First debate of Alþingi was honoured by a mass in Dómkirkja cathedral at 13:30. Just before this hour, the president, ministers and parliamentarians passed together from the Alþingi building to the cathedral. The mass was taken by the bishop of Iceland - Karl Sigurbjörnsson. During the ceremony the chorus of the cathedral sang. On the session of Parliament, the president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson spoke among other things about the retirement from the politics of the Prime Minister and afterwards the foreign minister - Davíð Oddsson. The president emphasized the big role he played in history of the country.

2005 October 02:
According to the Ministry of Communication the construction of the tunnel under Óshlíð, between Bolungarvík and Ísafjörður will begin the next autumn. Lately, more and more often rocky fragments descend on Óshlíðavegur - the only way to Bolungarvík. Most of all stone avalanches comes down in a spring and in an autumn. The new tunnel is planned to be of 1220 m in length. The approximate cost of this project is 1 about billions ISK.

2005 October 01:
The realization of the outbuilding to the shopping center Kringlan in Reykjavík began. The new area of 1700 m² in size will come into being and it will be added to the south alette of Kringlan. Next spring the shop NEXT opens so-called "flaggskipsverslun" (the flagship shop) on two floors in the new outbuilding. Right away NEXT possesses to its own disposal the area of 1000 m² in Kringlan.

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