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2005 August 31:
Pictures of two Icelandic salmon rivers and fishing flies will be placed on new stamps edited by the Icelandic Post (Íslandspóstur). The sale of them starts tomorrow. On the first stamp with the denomination: 60 ISK, the river Laxá í Aðaldal is shown. In the foreground the fishing fly - Laxá blá can be found. Laxá í Kjós and the fly - Rauð Frances will be placed on the second stamp. But they are not the only surprises of Íslandspóstur. The series of stamps with wild fruits growing on Iceland will be edited. These are: berries, crowberries, blackberries, the rowan and wild strawberries. Stamps were designed by Ólafur Pétursson.

2005 August 30:
The burster exploded today on the airfield in Keflavík. Fortunately this was not the terrorist plot but only exercises of sapper teams from all Europe. The Icelandic Coastguard organizes the Northern Challenge already for the fourth time. About 100 persons from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain have come to the island. Sappers will coach their own operations on the airfield, aboard and in the port.

2005 August 29:
Over 1000 people came early in the Saturday morning to the Hotel Loftleiðir, where the casting to the new, third in turn, edition of the programme "Idol - searching of stars" began. At this time came more people than previously and is visible that Iceland cannot complain on the lack of talented people. In the committee of the competition are: Bubbi Morthens, Sigga Beinteins, Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson and Einar Bárðarson. On Thursday their own chance in the competition will receive inhabitants of Akureyri and on Saturday - Egilsstaðir.

2005 August 28:
Non-typical concert took place on Saturday in Grímsnes. Singers performed inside the crater! The concert went on the boat swimming on the water filling the crater Kerið. On the scene appeared among other: Árni Johnsen and Hreimur Örn Heimisson. The first time such performance happened 17 years ago. Last year opera singers appeared in the crater. The genius acoustics of this place assures the splendid reception. The organizer of the concert was the Horse Breeders Association from the the south of Iceland.

2005 August 27:
The Statistical Office published data concerning workers of Icelandic high scools in the year 2004. Among 199 professors working on Icelandic high scools 30 are women what makes 15% personnels on this position. With relation to the preceding year the number of women - professors increased by the 1%. According to statistics 31% men and 12% women among high school teachers closed their own post graduate studies.

2005 August 26:
Aaron Pálmi Ágústsson convicted on 10 years of the prison in Texas for the sexual offence, whose committed in USA as the young boy, will go back to Iceland next week. Aaron committed the offence when he was 14 years old and at first he was in custody for juvenile. Since the 17 year he spends in custody household. From his condemnation many members of the Icelandic government, among them the Prime Minister - Halldór Ásgrímsson, demanded the extradition of Aaron. Besides, Bobby Fischer and his collaborators helped. The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, will sign the permission on the extradition soon.

2005 August 25:
A two-seats private plane Cessna 150 had to land on the road Þingvallavegur in Mosfellsheiði yesterday at noon. The pilot was flying alone and he has not injured. Cording to the first police report the reason of emergency landing was a engine damage. Almost just after the accident police, fire brigades and ambulance came to the landing place and the road, where the plane had landed, was closed until the Air Accident Investigation Agency has came.

2005 August 24:
Benedikt Sigurðsson Lafleur, the artist and the swimmer, had started on Sunday Vestfjarðarsund - his own "swimming marathon" around West Fiords. In the first day he has swum three fiords in the south site of the peninsula. In really good time has beaten Gilsfjörður, Króksfjörður and Berufjörður. Benedikt wants to swim in sum 33 fiords to 3 September. This prowess is an advertising the West Fiords and also swimming in the sea because Benedikt is a huge fan of this sport.

2005 August 23:
Authorities of Denmark are very interested in a cooperation with the Icelandic Coastguard in the patrolling of the Northern part of Atlantic Ocean. This is the official statement of the Icelandic Ministry of Justice - Björn Bjarnason. He said that it is absolutely natural that both countries cooperate in that matter. Björn added also the Icelandic Coastguard equipment had been renewed recently and special law had been adapted and now there is no any contraindication to start working together. Björn had a meeting with the Sören Gade - Danish Minister of Defence about this case and also with the Hans Jesper Helsö - chief of the Danish armed forces.

2005 August 22:
During this year's Reykjavík Marathon, which took place last weekend, a lot of new records were broken. The first one is a number of participants - 4136 persons. Also track of the marathon were the longest of all marathons so far. Both in marathon and half-marathon brothers and sisters won. In a women class the winner were sisters from Iceland: Bryndís Ernsdóttir (in marathon) and Martha Ernsdóttir (in half-marathon). In a men class brothers from Sweden scored the victory: Mäns Hoiom and his older brother Runar.

2005 August 21:
The last whale, from 39 allowed, was caught on Wednesday. Gunnar Bergmann from the Association of Whale Hunters said that this year's whale hunting season was very successful. He added that next year the number of whales to hunt is increased. The last whale was one of biggest catched this year. Gunnar added that the meat from caught whales is already on the Icelandic market and it sells very well.

2005 August 20:
Annual Week of Love (Ástarvíka) has begun today in Bolungarvík. Traditionally a lot of heart-shaped balloons was let fly to the sky and after that everyone were drinking coffee and eating heart-shaped cake. All inhabitants are encouraged to eat eggs and seafood - natural aphrodisiacs. The goal of the Ástarvíka is... enlargement of city inhabitants. After nine moths a special "harvest festival" will take place. Parents of childrens born at this time will receive a special prizes.

2005 August 19:
Keflavík International Airport was flooded by water yesterday. Some of 15 tons of water flowed on the third floor of the building from the damaged pipe. All computers were shout down to avoid a serious damage. Airport workers tried to deal with the element and prevent the serious delays. Customs clearance was transferred to the north alette and fire brigades started pump up the water. Fortunately no one was injured.

2005 August 18:
Three major Icelandic oil companies - Esso, Shell and Ólís increased prices of fuel. According to concerns this is caused by the fuel price rises all over the world. Driver buying the petrol have to pay 1,4 ISK more and diesel car owners - 2,4 ISK more. Ship fuel is 2,5 ISK more expensive. The fourth oil company in Iceland, Atlantsólía, hasn’t decided yet when it will raise their fuel prices, but it's more than probably that they will do it soon.

2005 August 17:
The Icelandic government agreed to start working on the creating of law which will allow to adopt a child by a homosexuals and also give them rights for artificial insemination. Novel would be presented at Alþingi this autumn. Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson said in the press interview that all people in the Icelandic society should have equal rights. "Nobody can be wronged because of his skin color, religion or sexual preferences - Halldór said.

2005 August 16:
A stabbed young women was found at Sunday night on the American military base in Keflavík territory. Jóhann R. Benediktsson from the local authorities said that both American and Icelandic authorities are investigating this case. A 21 years old American man was arrested so far and also Icelandic woman who is most likely the witness of the crime.

2005 August 15:
Icelandic Winter Sports Center, in cooperation with the city of Akureyri authorities, bought the modern snow making facilities - first of this type on Iceland. It will be situated on Hlíðarfjall peak. Installation works have started on Thursday. The snowing system which will be devoted to use on autumn, costed 110 millions ISK. An artificial lake will be created on the slope and it will contain over 18,5 thousands m³ of water. This water will be draw by the snow making facilities with the speed of 80 l per second.

2005 August 14:
Icelandic Coastguard will help the new Clint Eastwood's film crew - "Flags of our Fathers". Coastguard will rent their old military ship Ódinn, which is now used only if the Ægir and Týr are in repair or modernization. During the shooting, ship will be on sea near the Stóra Sandvík on Reykjanes peninsula and will be play the role as an American military ship. Film producers will have to pay one million ISK for one rental day.

2005 August 13:
Reykjavík is in the fourth position in the ranking of the most expensive towns I the world. This is a result of the newest Economist Intelligence Unit survey. Experts estimate every year cost of living in 130 towns all over the world. On the first position in this year is Tokyo, then Oslo and at third is Osaka. Reykjavík is before Paris, Copenhagen, Zurich, London, Geneva and Helsinki. The last town is Teheran.

2005 August 12:
The School card (Skólakortið) is the novelty which the municipal communication in Reykjavík, Strætó, will offer to its passengers from 15 August. This is a very attractive offer - customers can save a lot of money. This offer is directed to all passangers using buses regularly, not only for persons connected with a school. The card will be valid from 15 August this year to 1 June 2006 next year, that is to say through 9,5 the month. The cost of the card is 25000 ISK.

2005 August 11:
The authorities of the American military base in Keflavík imposes the absolute prohibition of going by soldiers stationed there to the popular night club Traffic. As the reason of this decision the authorities gave the reason for outgoing of American soldiers to this club is often fallowed by problems. Not long ago one of them became wounded by knife in the front of the club. The prohibition will be obligatory to 20 September.

2005 August 10:
Last days six sheeps were seen grazing on lava fields coated with the moss near Reykjanesbraut. It is already the third time this summer when the police in Keflavík alarms from this reason because sheeps are dangerous for the road traffic. Conditions on Reykjanesbraut is good this summer. The only problem is connected with sheeps which graze several metres from the road and often go in it form the field.

2005 August 09:
Last weekend, the annual festival of homosexuals Gay Pride took place in Reykjavík. It happened on Iceland already for the seventh time and attracted from 40 to 50 thousands of participants. The main part of the festival was the coloured and amused march down town of the capital. The speech was delivered by the minister of social affairs, Árni Magnússon, to underline the necessity to obtain by gays and lesbians the rights to the mariage, adoptions of children and the artificial insemination.

2005 August 08:
From 26 March 2006 British Airways will begin to flight to Iceland. Flights are scheduled from the airport London Gatwick, five times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Return ticket will cost 22990 ISK with all charges. Planes will start from the airport situated 45 km from the centre of London at 7:30 and they will land in Keflavík at 9:45. Return flights will take place 45 minutes from the arrival and the plane will be back in London at 14:35.

2005 August 07:
Big Day of Fish were celebrated sumptuously in Dalvík. Workers connected with fishing and the fish processing invited all Icelanders and foreigner guests on the great fish feast. The event began at about 11 and finished at 17. Nobody know exactly how much people took part at the party but about 30 000 guests were expected. 110 000 meals were prepared from about 11 tones of fish and everything was free. The Big Day of Fish began with the fish soup.

2005 August 06:
The reindeers hunting has began on East Fiords recently. 15 July first males were killed. Now, after about one month, the permission of shooting off of females has been given. Huntings take place correctly. 47 males and 1 the female were shot off so far. In one year to kill 800 reindeers: 392 males and 408 females is allowed.

2005 August 05:
Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson published yesterday the results of latest measurement of the highest Iceland’s mountain - Hvannadalshnjúkur. This research, with the use of modern technologies, shows that the mountain has the height of 2110 metres (2109,6 m exactly). According to earlier measurement, Hvannadalshnjúkur had 2119 metres.

2005 August 04:
Icelandic company deCODE Genetics published the finance statement for the second term of this year. Losses net are equal 13,3 millions USD. In the first half-year period the loss amounts 30,3 millions USD. According to the report published last year for the first six months, losses of deCODE were smaller, that is to say were a little over 25 millions USD. From year to year this private Icelandic institute of genetic research provide higher losses by 20%.

2005 August 03:
Esso, Shell and Ólis increased the price of fuel yesterday. The price of one litre of benzine grew up by 2,50 ISK and amounts 111,60 ISK in self-service. The litre of oil Icelanders can buy now for 110,60 ISK. Neider Atlantsolía nor the Hurricane increased prices of fuel on their own stations yet.

2005 August 02:
Yesterday 25 years passed from the moment when Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, as the first woman on the world, took over an presidential office as result of democratic elections. According to the political scientist, Rósa Erlingsdóttir, Icelanders awe women on this position at first but soon after elections negative excitements dropped and Vigdís became the most popular president of the island. The choice of Vigdís was a large event on the world scale and opened the way to other Icelandic women to politics as well as changed the view of women in the politics worldwide.

2005 August 01:
Water in the river Skaftá rises continuously. Yesterday for 16:30, at Sveinstindur, measured water flow amounted 620 m³/s and was 70 ³greater than that one at 7:30 in the morning. In other measuring site, in Kirkjubæjarklaustur, the river stream is increasing though less considerable. It is estimated that the most part of flood waters will overflow on the Eldhraun desert.

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