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2005 May 31:
The number of firms offering the cordless, quick internet in so-called hot-spots from the operator OgVodafone grows all the time. About 50 restaurants, cafes and other services on capital region, in Reykjanesbæer and in Akureyri set up hot-spots.

2005 May 30:
The plane of The Coastguard noticed today seven sea robber ships angling in the region of the occurrence of redfish at Reykjaneshryggur. These ships are from the port on one of the small Caribbean islands. Now, about 60 foreign ships and several Icelandic in the region of the fishing of redfish at Reykjaneshryggur are found. Seven are without permission for fishing there. The appropriate measures against ships will be taken as soon as they come to the port.

2005 May 29:
Direct flights between Poland and Egilsstaðir will started this autumn. No decision has been made yet from which Polish city the plane will start to Iceland, but it's likely to be one of the city on the south of the country. The decision about the flights between Poland and Iceland is caused by the construction of the aluminium smelter in Reyðarfjörður. Now, 25 Poles already works there, but the group of Poles is going to increase to 1800, when works will begin at full steam. The only detail about the future flights is that it will be scheduled once a week.

2005 May 28:
The firm 66° NORTH ICELAND conclude a three-year contract with three Icelandic golf-players which during trainings and games will appear in clothes from 66°. This will be clothes from the new production line of this firm, created specially for golf-players. This clothing will be sold both on Iceland and in other countries.

2005 May 27:
A new elementary school will be open in Norðlingaholt in Reykjavík this autumn. It is estimated that 300 to 400 children in classes 1-10 will attend this school. However during the first year, schoolboys of classes 7-10 will have to attend other school - Víkurskóli in Grafarvogur. No decision about the name of the new school has been made yet.

2005 May 26:
The parliamentarian from Alliance Party, Guðrún Ögmundsdóttir, tends to put the bill in Alþingi, about the homosexual pairs which would have the right to the invitro fertilization (to so-called the test-tube baby) and to the adoption. Other membership of the Alliance Party announced the support for this law. The bill will be put to the committee nearest autumn.

2005 May 25:
Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson received keys to gates of San Francisco in the past weekend. It took place during the holiday organized in this city on the occasion of the beginning of flights by Icelandair to San Francisco. The mayor Gavin Newsom said that he exultantly welcome Icelandic planes landing on their airport and he waited for every-day cruises in the future.

2005 May 24:
The smalest sheep born on the farm Hryggur near Selfoss. Her weight is only 600 g, but she is well. For the comparison, "the normal" sheep generally weighs from 1500 to 2000 g. Baby is additional feeded with the bottle by children living on the farm. The farm owner and experienced farmers have never saw the sheep which would survive in spite such low weight.

2005 May 23:
The fire brigades from the south Iceland ask people travelling in this part of the country for the very careful use of fire. Dry and strong winds blowing from the north for several days caused the considerable exsiccation of litter and grasses, so the big fire danger exists. Parents are especially requested for watching children. Several days ago the fire of the litter caused by the stub of the cigarette thrown out by the window of the car was noted.

2005 May 22:
The company Ár og dagur, the publisher of the paper Blaðið and the Icelandic television company - the owner of SkjáEinn, bought all shares in Pyrit ehf. and thus they became the owners of KissFM and XFM radio stations. According to the information published in Blaðið, stations will keep their own hitherto existing character. There are no information regarding the price of this transaction.

2005 May 21:
These days, the first scheduled flight of Icelandair to San Francisco took place. Such flights are 4 times a week until October. Yesterday, among passengers of Boeing 767 which takes aboard 270 persons, the Prime Minister of Iceland, Halldór Ásgrímsson and the mayor of Reykjavík, Steinunn Valdís Óskarsdóttir were found. The flight from Keflavík to the west coast of The U.S.A. lasts about 9 hours.

2005 May 20:
About 3:30 at night, the refrigerator trawler, Smáey VE stranded at Faxasker on Vestmannaeyjar. Ten-person crew managed to swim up to the port without external help. The ship will be off from cruises for fishing because of damages for about one week. A metre crack has been found on its bow.

2005 May 19:
The day before yesterday the police from Selfoss received a notification that a helpless seal, looking out for ill, lay ashore close by the restaurant Hafið bláa at the mouth of the river Ölfusá. Out of concern for the animal, policemen went into the indicated place. It appeared that the seal is fine and she took only a little nap ashore. Awoke, the seal rolled along the bank and went out to sea.

2005 May 18:
Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg are expected in Iceland soon. They will shoot the film on the basis of the book "Flags of our Fathers". Most probably they will come 21 June and will stay on the island to the end of summer. No doubt the film will touch all the world - it will tell about the attack of Americans on the Japanese island, Iwo Jima. Shots will be mostly realized on Arnarfell in Krísuvík.

2005 May 17:
Icelandic parliamentarians have the longest holidays in comparaison with the rest of Scandinavia. The shortest lay-off have Finns - 6 weeks while Icelanders - 20 weeks! Kristinn H. Gunnarsson from Progress Party had proposed to lengthen the parliamentary year, but her idea did not gain the support.

2005 May 16:
The transplantation of a artificial heart was performed for the first time on Iceland ten days ago. The patient, Örn Elíasson is 64 years old and suffers from a coronary disease. By reason of this disease Örn already passed the surgery in 1988. Recently, the necessity of operation has occured once again. However the patient would not survive the next operation, so doctors decided to perform the transplantation. Now, Örn feels fine.

2005 May 15:
The beach in the capital gulf - Nauthólsvík was opened yesterday. It will be open to the September 15th from 10:00 to 20:00. The entry on the beach is free, it is necessary only to pay for the safekeeping of clothes (200 ISK). Many people came on the gulf yesterday enjoying the sunshine in Hvítasunnudagur (White Sunday).

2005 May 14:
Three Icelandic women participated in International Marathon of Peace which took place yesterday in the capital of Ruanda. Rannveig Oddsdóttir came off second best, Bryndís Ernsdóttir - fifth, and Helga Björk Ólafsdóttir - eighth. In sum, representatives 21 countries went in Marathon. Besides competitors mentioned, in the Icelandic group participants of half-marathon and jogging were also found.

2005 May 13:
Selma Björnsdóttir flew away to Copenhagen yesterday morning and after that to Kiev to the Eurovision festival. She will represent Iceland singing the song "If I had your love". The semi-final of the festival which Selma has to pass will take place on 19 May and final will be held on 21 May.

2005 May 12:
One of tourists who arrived by ferry Norröna to Seyðisfjörður is standing trial because tried to import to Iceland too much... sweets. The man possessed at himself on board 30 kgs of sweets. The permissible limit of this commodity per person at the importation on Iceland is 3 kgs. If the tourist will be convicted he will have to to pay 7500 ISK fine.

2005 May 11:
The Icelandic bodyguard Jón Ólafsson was wounded in Bagdad in the explosion of the car bomb. The explosion killed two employers of the bodyguard. Jón Ólafsson was driving with the four passengers when the attack took place. Icelander worked for six months in Bagdad on the contract for the one of American firms.

2005 May 10:
The national public prosecutor′s office gave the accusation of five men who were transporting to Iceland about 7,7 kg of amphetamine last year. Drugs were bought in Holland at the beginning of July and were sent to Iceland by boat from Germany.

2005 May 09:
Hive - provider of internet services is going to enlarge twice speeding of transfer on its own links and the part of data exchanged with abroad will be included to the basic subscription Hive Lite. The subscriber of Hive Lite will have the access to the internet with the 8Mb of speed and 4 GB of exchanged data with abroad for 3990 ISK monthly.

2005 May 08:
The Icelandic Marine Research Institute proposes catching 39 whales this summer from icelandic waters. These is the part of the research programme of Institute which has lasted already for 2 years. The chief of this project, Gísli Víkingsson, founds that in the next another 100 whales will be catched and studys will end into 4 insteed into 2 years like it was planned earlier.

2005 May 07:
Information office about EU for young icelanders will be open in Ísafjörður at the youth community centre "Gamla apótekið". Local authorities and the European Office For The Young People signed the agreement about the cooperation in this matter. A general task of "Gamla apótekið" will be the spreading of the informations about work and scholarships in EU for young Icelanders.

2005 May 06:
Police from Vopnafjörður found two dead young reindeers and two dead swans not far from crossings the road No. 1 with the road leading through Vopnafjörður. Animals were shot from the large calibre gun. Police says that offenders were shoting to the reindeers from a car: one of reindeer was shoted from the distance of 80 metres and second from about 150 metres. The police asks for all informations which could be able to find the guilty persons.

2005 May 05:
First stage of asphalting of the road in the tunnel between Fáskrúðsfjörður and Reyðarfjörður was finished last week. At the moment 40% of the road leading through the tunnel (at Fáskrúðsfjörður site) has been already asphalted.

The following stage of this work will begin after White Sunday holiday and will go on 10 days. The last stage, from the Reyðarfjörður direction, will be asphalted not till in the middle of June.

2005 May 04:
"Go to work by bike" is a special project which has begun this week. The officially beginning took place on the solemn breakfast in Húsdýragarðin. More than 240 places of employment ran 330 teams which are going to rival in this year. Only at the first day of the duration, participants ran over 35000 km - what is comparable to almost 25 encirclements of all Iceland! "Go to work by bike" project is going under the auspices of Íþróttasambands Íslands - the Icelandic Sport Federation.

2005 May 03:
The traditional march happened in Reykjavík as always on 1st may every year. The meeting was at 13:00 near the Hallgrímskirkja cathedral and then people marched, at the accompaniment of brass bands, to the square Ingólfstorg. After the hour 14:00 members of labour unions began their speeches. One of the themes of the speeches was Kárahnjúkar - laws and conditions of poeple who works there. The influence of the dam and the power plant on the eastern part of the country was also discussed.

2005 May 02:
The body of Ricardo Correia Dantasa - Brazilian who got lost at 2 April was found. Police from Selfoss informed about finding the body of a man lying on rocks not far from the Stokkseyri. The autopsy showed that this was missing Brazilian. The police is still investigated the case.

2005 May 01:
Hótel Borg - the deluxe hotel in Reykjavík, became a sixth hotel in the hotel chain Keahótel ehf. The company signed with Hótel Borg the cooparation contract for the next 15 years.

Páll L. Sigurjónsson, the manager Keahótel ehf. say that thanks to this contract, the firm extended the activity in the capital. As yet, most of the associated in Keahótel chain hotels is in Akureyri: Hótel Kea, Hótel Harpa and Hótel Norðurland, one is in Mývatnsveitt: Hótel Gígur, and only one in Reykjavík: Hótel Björk which was added to the Keahótel ehf. chain in 2002.

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