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2005 April 30:
All flights of private planes to Ísafjörður will be forbidden between 7:00 and 19:30 in workdays during the next three months. There are building operations at the restoration and to strengthening antiavalanche bulwarks on the airfield in the capital of West Fiords. Works at bulwarks and lengthening of the runway on the airfield in Þingeyri will be also the reason of closing this airport through the all summer too.

2005 April 29:
All of the Icelandic large fuel firms: Esso, Olís and Skeljungur (the selling agent of Shell) rised the prices of petrol and the diesel oil for about 1, 5 ISK. Specialists says that this was a reason of rising prices of fuel on the world markets and with the falling value of the Icelandic króna. The day before yesterday the value of the ISK fell down for about 1%, what is a very large depreciation as on one day.

2005 April 28:
Representatives of the Icelandic Coast Guard management went to Canada, to look through probably their future purchase. The Coast Guard plans to purchase the deHavilland Dash-8 plane which would displace their old Fokker. Dash - 8 is modern and as large as Fokker. It proves correct in patrolling of wharves in many coast guard forces in the whole world.

2005 April 27:
Icelandair plane flying yesterday morning to Stockholm, had to turn back after the hour of its flight because of the smell of smoke which appeared in the passenger cabin. The plane landed on Keflavík Airport at about 10:00. Passengers flew to Stockholm on the other plane at noon the same day.

2005 April 26:
The huge truck transporting full container of fish fell out from the road corner in Námaskarð yesterday at about 15:30. The driver was transported to the hospital in Akureyri. The car was on the way from Seyðisfjörður to Dalvík. According to the police, the probable reason of the accident was the overspeed at the moment when the driver was entering the corner.

2005 April 25:
Many people participated on the Traveller Day in Reykjavík. It was a part of the celebrations of the First Day of Summer. Visitors could find out all about tourist values of the capital and surroundig regions. The professional travel guides were showing the most interesting places in the city, daredevils had a chance to try to climb on the old building Post Office on Reykjavík downtown, museums were open for visitors. Also outside the town there was a lot of attractions, for example the whale-watching, canoe-flows, etc.

2005 April 24:
Ex-chess master, Bobby Fischer, who has have Icelandic citizenship from a short time, is looking for a flat in the capital. His friend, the former policeman and the his ex-bodyguard, Sæmundur Pálsson convinced Bobby Fischer, that it would be more practically to buy the a flat than to stay in a hotel. According to Sæmundur Pálsson, Fischer seeks the flat for rent in downtown so that he could walk everywhere, because he has not the driving licence.

2005 April 23:
Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir received the prize of the year awarded by the Reykjavík City Committee of Culture for the best children book writer. The laureate has given this prize for the book "Sverberran" which was published last autumn by Edda publishing company. It was the second time when Ragnheiður received this prize - previously in the year 2001 for the book "40 vikur".

2005 April 22:
About 60% young people from the age 16 works for 27 hours every week on average. A little over 156000 people was employed in the first qoarter of this year, it is about 3600 more than in the last year. There was about 4800 unemployed persons in Iceland what is about 3% of the Icelandic labour. Those are poeple who have got no job or are looking for an employment. More often men are without a job than women (3,4% to 2,7%). Data shows that unemployment is the biggest problem in the group of the youngest poeple beetwen the age 16 to 24 (9,3% unemployed persons in that group).

2005 April 21:
Authorities of the Reykjavík University (Háskólinn í Reykjavík) announced yesterday that college would build the new buildings in Vatnsmýri and not in Urriðaholt in Garðabær. Builders works are going to start at the end of the year 2006 and first students will start their study in the new place between the Hotel Loftleiðir and Nauthólsvík, in the autumn 2008.

According to calculations, there will be about 3000 students and about 200 univesity workers in Vatnsmýri.

2005 April 20:
The population of ptarmigans (latin.: Lagopus mutus; isl.: Rjúpa) in Iceland grew up about 100% between years 2003 and 2004. According to the report from the latest measurement of this bird population, the quantity of ptarmigans will still grow, in spite of the similar mortality of these birds, which was noted earlier. Data shows that the number of the population of ptarmigans will amount in the year 2008 as many as it was in the year 1955.

The open meeting took place on sunday about the research of ptarmigans. There is a special committee ad litem of Ptarmigans at the Ministry of the Environment (Umhverfisráðuneytið).

2005 April 19:
The world-known company Swarovski Crystal World (part of Swarovski Group) put on the market new line of its own products modelled on Icelandic and Greenlandic motives. Yesterday Swarovski Crystal World arranged the show for tens journalists in Reykjavík of a new collection of jewellery and sculptures from crystal, pearls and porcelain. All models of jewellery and showpiece have interesting Icelandic names, eg. grýlukerti - the icicle, hafísjaki - the iceberg, or snjóhús - the igloo.

2005 April 18:
The ruling coalition decided to allow foreign fuel firms to research oil and oil-wells on Iceland. Valgerður Sverrisdóttir - icelandic minister of industry (Iðnaðar- og viðskiptaráðuneytið) confirmed that there is a plan to beginning preparations to the giving of permissions since the year 2007. Oil-wells would be able to begin on Iceland already since the year 2009.

2005 April 17:
The Icelandic Post (Íslandspóstur) emitted this week new stamps. First, of 70 ISK value, with the likeness of the housefly (latin: musca domestica), and second - of 50 ISK value with the cross-spider (latin: araneidae). Additionally, customers will find the short informations on stamps, for example that the housefly lives only 25 days or that the spider is not, as many think, to insects but to arachnida.

2005 April 16:
Two young men broked yesterday at night to the shop in Njarðvík, catched the bubble gum machine and escaped. They put it to the parked car, where the third partner was waiting for them and they set off. The car driver had a car accident later at night in Keflavík. The rescue teams took him to the hospital with slightly whiplash injury of his legs and back.

2005 April 15:
Three women from Czech Republic were convicted by the Reykjavík District Court for the work without the permission. They were working as erotic dancers in the popular Bóhem Club. Hlýnur Vigfusson, the owner of the club, is accused for breaking the labour laws of foreign workers. Women will not be accused but had to to leave Iceland. This was the ninth incident of illegal foreign workers detected by the Reykjavík Police from the beginning of the year.

2005 April 14:
The season for catching lobsters began in this year unexpectedly weakly. Especially small crops are on the south sea-coast. Scientists convince that the population of lobsters does not decrease but the reason according to them is connected with atypically cold sea. Lobsters hide because of cold under rocks where the man ihas not the access.

2005 April 13:
The concert hall Ýmir, builded in the year 2000, property of the Reykjavík Male Choir, is for sale. According to the Húsakaup real estate agency which is responsible for sell it, the value of the building can amount even to 200 millions ISK. Ottó V. Guðjónsson, the manager of the choir, said that the musicians has to concentrate to their repertoire and the management of the hall disturbs everyday work of the choir.

2005 April 12:
The president of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson with his wife is on official visit in Akureyri and Eyjafjörður. The visit will end on Wednesday during celebrations of the family festival in the gym hall at school in Hrafnagil.

2005 April 11:
Reykjavík District Court decided that the farmer whose sheep became jostled by a car, has to pay the half of costs to cover damages. The event was near Akranes last November. The car became very seriously damaged. Judge displayed that the fence separating the field from the road, has not been repaired for a long time, and that was one of the reason of the accident. On that base Court admitted that the owner of the sheep takes the part of the guilt for this event. Moreover the judge convicted that the driver was running the car whitout enough caution.

2005 April 11:
Representatives of restaurateurs came to Tourist Board to discuss about the matter of proposed smoking prohibition in restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes, which would have to be obligatory from 1 June 2007. The employees of gastronomic locals persuade that personal staff in other places with health hazard, are protected by the law. Their situation in restaurants, bars and clubs is the same - the employee are subject of illneses because of the passive smoking for many hours everyday.

2005 April 10:
According to the latest international research published by the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, Icelanders are one of the most happy nations in the world. Icelanders occupied the fourth place in the ranking, ex aequo with Irish. According to research, a most happy nation are Danes, next are Swiss and citizens from Malta. The research was done on 90 nationalities.

2005 April 09:
Prime Minister of Iceland Halldór Ásgrímsson said after the funeral ceremony of pope John Paul II in which he participated: "This was the greatest and most impressive funeral. I've never seen such a huge crowd". Halldór Ásgrímsson decided to stay in Rome for a few days.

2005 April 08:
A new phone number of the city information service is avalible in Reykjavík. City mayor, Steinunn Valdís Óskarsdóttir, opened officially a new line. People can call 4 11 11 11 to ask for an information about service available in the capital. Every week workers from the information office answer almost 22 thousand calls. Telephone information service is open from 8:00 am to 5 pm.

2005 April 07:
Icelandic televison will be transmit from the pope John Paul II funeral. Transmision starts at 8:00 am and will finish at about 12:00 at noon. Journalist Ólafur Sigurðsson wil be the commentator. Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson will go to Rome as a formal representative of the icelandic authorities.

2005 April 06:
Representatives of the old icelandic religion - Ásatrú asked the Ministry of the Education, Culture and Science (Menntamálaráðuneytið) for making a legal regulations which would allow to educate at school about this faith. Ásatrú was formally registered in Iceland in the year 1972. Followers of this religion wants also to the legal acception their ritual Siðfesta (conversion from the childhood to the adulthood) as an option to the Christian confirmation.

2005 April 05:
An informal discussion took place in the icelandic parliament Alþingi about the liquidation of the pre-school fees. Hjálmar Árnason from the Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkurinn) said that free pre-schools are part of the pamily policy of his party. But Geir H. Haarde – minister of finances said before that national budget isn’t ready for such a solution.

2005 April 04:
President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and Karl Sigurbjörnsson, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland sent a condolences to the bishop Jóhaness Mattías Gijsen, superior of the Roman – Catholic Church in Iceland after the information about death of the pope John Paul II.

2005 April 03:
Keflavík police officers arrested a man with a bag with lots of money inside. Policemen found EURO banknotes worth almost one milion ISK. Eyjólfur Kristjánsson, spokeman of the Keflavík airport, said that man had been suspected for the smuggling drugs few days before but police had not found anything with him then. When security guards from the airport find so much money they have to arrest a man. Convict claims that money belongs to him and that they are not from the illegal actions.

2005 April 02:
Arngrímur Brynjar Jóhannsson one of the pioneers of icelandic aircraft finished his career as a pilot. He was an aviator for the last 51 years. His last flight was from Cuba to Keflavík. His friends organized a farewell party in the popular in Reykjavík Apótek restaurant.

2005 April 01:
First puffins flewn in on Grímsey island. Ornithologists say that this year they arrived very soon in comparison to last years. Puffins ususally appear there between 7th and 8th april.

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