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2004 October 03:
We have written about Polish travel TV-programm about Iceland. Now we know that this expedition will guide specialists from Polish "icelandophilic" center The main task of the "mission" is showing the Icelandic culture and people. This travel serial shows ont only interesting places for tourists, but mainly how to live normal people in each country. Poland is not so far from Iceland, many Poles live and work in Iceland, but like other nations in Europe Polish citizens know very little about Iceland and Icelanders. Polish TV-star Martyna Wojciechowska will try Icelandic national dishes, she will meet with normal hard-working people, she will visit places related to Icelandic myths and tradition, both old (Vikings) and the newest related to high life quality in Iceland.

2004 September 30:
Big Polish television station TVN is going to realize in Iceland one epizode of famous travel programm "Martyna Mission" with Polish TV-star Martyna Wojciechowska. This epizode will be dedicated only to Iceland. Martyna is going to meet with interesting people in most popular places in Iceland.

2004 September 12:
Open conference was held today, on seprember the 12th in Skaftafell Tourist Center about Skaftafell National Park extension. Among others, Siv Friðleifsdóttir, Minister of Environment, have given her speach. New, Vatnajökull National Park, will contain territory of the present Skaftafell National Park and the other area of Vatnajökull and Lakagígar.

2004 September 06:
Huge icebergs have appeard in Skjálfandi bay. Such phenomenon happens very rarely in this area, as everywhere around Iceland. Icebergs had drifted from Greenland and could be seen even from the shore but it was an especially big tourist attraction to sail among them during whale-watching excursions from Húsavík.

2004 September 05:
Teachers from Icelandic grade schools are going to perform a strike on september the 20th. The bone of contention with local authorities through the whole country are teacher's salaries. National parent-teacher association and all parents wants teachers and authorities to reach to an agreement and not to let the strike happen.

2004 August 30:
Plants on West Fjords have just autumn colours. It is very anusual because we have still an August! Sæmundur Þorvaldsson from Forestry Department of West Fjords claims that this situation is due to very dry weather and insect plagues during the summer.

2004 August 28:
8000 road accidents occur in Iceland in 2002. In 1200 of them there were injured persons and death casualty. But 2003 was much better in this regard. The number of accidents and victims is constantly falling.

2004 August 27:
In July, Þingvellir - icelandic National Park has been registered as a world monument of UNESCO. From tis occasion, on the last saturday, the commemorative board was unveiled in Þingvellir. In the ceremony, Björn Bjarnason - the Minister of Justice of Iceland and Francesco Bandarin from UNESCO were the main guests. According to Mr Bandarin, it is possible that another icelandic places will be registered as a world monument of UNESCO in the future.

2004 August 25:
One of the items on the Reykjavík Culture Night programme was The Reykjavík Marathon 2004. This event was held in the capital of Iceland last weekend (21.08). The record of the number of participants has been beatten: 3821 runners! The previous record in this annual event was stated in 1994 with 3721 participants.

2004 August 24:
The new school year has started in Iceland on monday. About 45 thousand children go to primary school in the whole country (15 thousand in Reykjavík). Four thousand children are first-form pupils in this year.

2004 July 25:
Whaling methods was discussed on meeting of International Commission for Whaling Affairs. The main problem is the humanitarian methods of whales killing. Despite international prohibition on whaling, some countries (such as Iceland, Norway, Japan) continue mass hunting for thousands of whales per year.
"The methods used to whaling often are very drastic" said Chris Carter, New Zealand environment minister, which started the discussion. Icelandic representative for this Commission, Stefán Ásmundsson said that Iceland agrees for more mild methods of whaling.

2004 July 24:
Management of Icelandic Chess Society apeal to the President of the United States for acquittal of former world chess champion Robert Fisher, who has been charged for breakage in 1992 the amercian embargo for Yugoslavia. In 1992 Fisher had fought off the chess game in Yugoslavia, which he won collecting the money prize of some milions. American government recognized it as deriving profits in the country on which USA laid the embargo. Request to President Bush have been put on the hands of US ambassador to Iceland.

2004 July 17:
First Icelandic speedway with two lanes in both directions will be opened on July 29 on Reykjanes. According to plans, whole building works should have been finished to the November 1 2004. Probably, unfinished details on crossroad will be finished in a further term.

2004 July 16:
For last four days it have been a huge problem to buy in icelandic the Polish candy waffle "Prince Polo" in normal size. In shops has been only size XXL, but most people like the "M" size... It is expecting the new delivery of "Prince Polo" to the end of the month.
Polish waffle and Coca Cola are considered to be almost a national Icelandic dish.

2004 July 11:
Dunish royal family has decided to give as present for Iceland National Gallery the painting "Svanir" (Swans) from year 1935, made by Jón Stefánsson. The painting was the wedding gift from icelandic government to Friðrik the Prince of Denmark and princess Ingiríð in 1935. The painting "Svanir" is one of the main work of Jón Stefánsson and the biggest one he made (dimensions: 131 x 202 cm). Lasse Reimann - Danmark ambassador has devolved this gift on Friday ceremony for gallery Listasfan Íslands.

2004 July 09:
On wednesday at 12:30 the "first shovel" was thrusted (similar tradition like corner stone building in). In Reyðarfjörður new aluminium factory is build. First step is building new harbour and ground works. New harbour will be ready during one year. Building works will start at April 2005, and factory should be ready to 2007, and then it will start work. Tha worth of this project is about 84 bilion ISK (about 1,1 bilion USD).

2004 July 08:
Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland has not comment goverment decission to withdraw the controversial media bill and make the new one. According to President Office, it is not good custom, when President comments parliamentary work.

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